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You may have noticed that Valley of the Moon magazine has been significantly less visible over the past two pandemic months, as our distribution channels were radically reduced by closure of the vast majority of the commercial outlets – about 180 of them – where we are normally available.

With the relaxation of COVID-19 closures and the re-opening of more of the local economy, we are now in the process of re-establishing our circulation, in conjunction with a fresh redesign of our website, which we invite you to come view at vommag.com.

The March/April print issue, which arrived from the printer in March just in time for the closure to shut us down, is full of evergreen content on gourmet food that is actually good for you, including an eight-page section on better-for-you snack foods.

It also has a mini-focus on an ongoing subject we all hold dear – the extraordinary level of philanthropy and nonprofit support in this Valley.

Overlaid on all this, of course, is the persistently sinister specter of the coronavirus pandemic that, despite everyone’s hopes, wishes (and sometimes careless, even irresponsible behavior), refuses to whither up and blow invisibly away.

Notwithstanding the bafflingly belligerent behavior of our president, we are not (as Trump persists in espousing) at the beginning of the end of this ordeal. We are much more likely to be approaching the end of the beginning. And judging by infection rates at numerous hot-spots around the country (including in California), some areas may yet be only part way through the opening round of this epidemiological nightmare.

For that reason, we are proceeding cautiously toward a return to full circulation, but the easiest and most secure way to get Valley of the Moon magazine is through the subscription link here on our website.

We offer in our online edition ongoing coverage, insights and opinions on the impacts, challenges and achievements we’ve been living through with COVID-19 in our midst, and likely will be confronting well into the new year. And we welcome stories of survival, adaptation, pain and triumph from anyone with a desire to share.

Meanwhile, of course, we are all simultaneously confronted by the residual, and never adequately resolved, legacy of slavery, still festering in what has been ironically hailed for centuries as the democratic beacon of the world. Our history has come back to sit on our sofa, park on our doorstep, occupy our streets, and demand to be heard. None of us, black or white, can any longer afford to ignore it.

That subject will soon be part of our ongoing conversation in, of and with the Valley of the Moon.

From the vantage point of late June, it seems unlikely that we will publish our next print edition before September. But meanwhile, we are just a click or two away online, and we would love to hear from you.

—David Bolling, Editor and Pubisher

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